Cassandra Prime -- Philadelphia Resistance

Reasons to Visit

History, Modernity, Amazing People.
Oh, and we have some portals too.

Our Density

You want portals, and boy do we have some for you! Over 6000 in the city alone, and over 20,000 in the greater Philly metro area. Work that explorer!

Our Accessibility

Whether you prefer to walk, cycle, or hop onto one of our buses or trolleys, Philly is highly accessible and easy to navigate; no car required!

Our People

Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly Love, and it shows. We are a diverse, inclusive city that will make you feel at home, no matter your race, gender, or orientation.

Our Food

Come hungry, leave happy! From local staples like cheesesteaks and soft pretzels to the finest Italian in the entire country, we have something for everybody.

Our Beer

18 breweries, 48 of the finest pubs in the world (including the best beer bar in the US), and brews you just won't find anywhere else. Philadelphia is the best beer city in the US.

Our History

Site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Home to the first American mint, stock exchange, hospital, med school, art institution... Come see where our country started!

Places to Stay

Hotels, Motels, AirBNBs, and fellow agents couches.
We've got you covered.

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About PAIR

Meet our awesome players, mods, and POCs!

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