PAIR Code of Conduct & General Rules

Here are some basic rules to know for all PAIR members. We want to make the game both fun and fair for everyone, regardless of faction.

We will help you in every way possible to report and deal with others of breaking the rules, but please be aware that we are not Niantic and we do not have the final say in how a person should act. Please do not hesitate to ask the team for help. You are an integral part of the group so we will always help whenever we can.

However, we will also not hesitate to report you for some of the serious offenses if you decide you don’t want to play fair. By being a member of PAIR you are held up to these standards:

  1. This is a game.

    1. Don’t get attached to your portals. They are not YOUR portals. This game is made to go back and forth, don’t get upset when others take it, simply take it back.

    2. Do not do creepy things like take someone’s picture or their car’s picture without their consent. You are not responsible for documenting these things, so don’t act like a stalker.

    3. Do not cause or allow other players to come to harm. Seriously, it's just a game.

  2. Don’t be a dick to others.

    1. These are real people you are playing against, in the real world. Don’t say anything in comm that you wouldn’t say to another player face to face, because there’s a good chance you will meet them.

    2. Don’t tell others where or how to play. There are many aspects to the game, and thus many ways to play. The way you play is not necessarily the best or only way to play.

    3. Don't curse or say negative things about others in comm. You can be reported to Niantic for this, so try to be nice even if they are not.
    4. If other players (RES or ENL) are acting inappropriately, report the incident to Niantic ( and let the PAIR moderators know. We have an open communication channel with the PIE moderators and can attempt to de-escalate the situation. If you feel that you are in imminent danger, contact the local police.
    5. Do not call out suspected cheaters in comm, you may get reported and/or banned for saying something in the heat of the moment. Report the incident directly to Niantic ( and let the PAIR moderators know.
  3. No cheating.

    1. No Spoofing - Do not use any gps spoofing/auto-hacking apps.

    2. No multiple accounts. NO EXCEPTIONS.

      1. No “Mule” or “backpack” accounts to hold gear.

      2. No using kid’s account to hold items or to place resonators or hack.

      3. No green accounts to spy on comm chats or infiltrating hangouts.

    3. No buying or selling Ingress items. These are most likely acquired by bots and Niantic can detect these items and remove them from your inventory.
  4. No ‘agreements’.

    1. No helping a green in your area get AP in return for getting AP (win-trading)

    2. No ‘do not attack’ zones anywhere - this never works. Ever.

  5. Third Party Apps - We do not encourage use of apps that are deemed inappropriate by Niantic.

    1. IITC - Use at your own risk, especially with custom scripts.

    2. Spoofing apps - DO NOT USE. No exceptions.

    3. Bots - ANYTHING that automates or assists with in-game actions (hacking, deploying, destroying, glyphing, etc.) is AGAINST the rules. DO NOT USE.

    4. This is not an all-inclusive list - Niantic will decide what it deems as being “against TOS.”

  6. Data scraping - PAIR acknowledges that game data scrapers exist (on both sides), and that there is a strategic value to a small subset of that data in anomalies and ops. PAIR does not and will not promote or endorse the use of data scraped from the game for nefarious purposes (hunting guardian portals, tracking the habits of players with “heat maps”, determining the location of a player’s home or work, etc.).

If you need clarity regarding any of these rules, feel free to ask a moderator.

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